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12.27.11 – Update

On the left is the McKenzies Saison with French Oak cubes and Brettanomyces added in secondary.  On the right is Dawson’s Kriek.  Both are happily fermenting/souring away in his son’s bathroom-turned-fermentation cellar.



The Dawson’s Kriek kit is available at Northern Brewer.  And the recipe can be found here.

McKenzie’s Sasion is a recipe found in the July/Aug 2011 issue of Brew Your Own magazine.  Mckenzie’s Brewpub in PA is an unsuspecting candidate for a 3 time GABF gold medal winner in the saison category, with their Saison Vatour.


Bud’s tried his first sour beer, using carefully cultured and washed Belgian yeast with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.  Following a tight step infusion mash, he hit 75% efficiency with no sparge.  He’s hoping to share this one soon.

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