Spring Tasting in Bemidji 2013

The Boreal Brewers will be hosting the annual Spring Beer Tasting at the Keg ‘n Cork in downtown Bemidji, on Saturday March 23rd, 3 – 6 PM.  This is open to the public.  The tasting covers three hours, many styles of beer, and tends to include two dozen different beers, and the occasional mead, wine or saki.

All beer is donated by homebrewers.  Beers are served one at a time, and distributed by designated pourers moving around the tables, serving to all and sundry.  Lighter flavored beers are served early, with flavor intensity increasing over the course of the tasting.  Bread is provided for palate cleansing (and general munching).  Boreal Brewers glasses, shirts and hoodies are available for sale.

If you are a brewer and wish to donate, PLEASE arrive early so we can work your beer into the lineup.  Arriving at 3 PM with a beer causes last minute juggling and confusion.  If you bring beer in bottles, we’ll make sure you get your bottles back.  Yes, we’d be happy to have you working with us to help serve.  Plan on bringing enough beer that people can get a chance to try a two ounce sample.  At 3 PM, there are usually about thirty people there, this goes up to eighty or so by 4 PM.

People taking part in the optional scoring of beers


Happy tasters


Happy servers

 Use the “Contact Us” link if you want more information, or can let us know in advance what you will be bringing for beer.


3 thoughts on “Spring Tasting in Bemidji 2013

  1. I plan on being there early and will be bringing two brews to the tasting. The first I call “Honey Nut American Amber Ale.” The second will have been bottled for two weeks prior two the event, hope its co2 primed sufficiently by then. I am calling it “Honey Oat Meal Stout.” If a server is needed I will help out. I have been in contact with Bill Wilson here in the Bemidji area. I had been asking if there was going to be a tasting because I wanted to participate and just a couple of days later wal-la I recieved the e-mail confirming a date. Thanks.

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