2014 Advanced Brewing @ ICC

The Advanced Homebrewing class will begin Monday, March 3rd at Itasca Community College, Wilson Hall room 107.  The class is held Monday nights, 5:00 – 10:30 PM.  We meet 5 nights, with the last night being April 10 – we skip one week to give the beer time to ferment.  We brew/bottle four batches of beer in class, and the students split up the 200 bottles on the fourth night.  How many classes have you taken where you get to take beer home?

Call ICC at (218) 322-2410 to register.  The total cost of the four nights of class is $75.  Though walk-ins can be accommodated, it’s safest for you to preregister so you don’t find out the hard way the class is already full!  Preregistration also allows for better class planning.  Brochure at www.getlearning.org  Online registration is at this link, scroll alphabetically to “Homebrewing” or “Advanced Homebrewing.”

Registering by phone seems to be safer; there were some glitches with the online registration for the intro class.



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