Packaging Your Beer

Show us some of your bottle labels and other things you do to dress up the beer you share with your friends. You can upload an image and tell us a little about each one. Thanks

11 thoughts on “Packaging Your Beer

  1. My brother had a Seal Point Siamese cat named Kasha (the sound she made when she yawned). When Kasha died, I made a commemorative Porter, Kasha’s Pride. Over the years I refined the recipe into a Baltic Porter, now aged for a few years with White Oak and Bourbon. Hence, the label. This stuff pours so thickly that it sticks to the side of a glass.

    1. Thanks for sharing Dave. What program did you use to generate these? Do you have a source for the graphics that you are willing to share?

      I hope to see you in Deer River on the 18th.

  2. Here is the label for the pale ale that I brewed with my friend Chris. It was brewed at the Big Brew 2014 Event held at Wine Creations in Grand Rapids. It was the extract kit version of the Regal Pale Ale. I did not have high hopes for this beer when I brewed it, but it actually turned out quite nicely. So, I thought it deserved a decent label.

  3. The Brewbarb Pale Ale was a hit at the Deer River Bar-b-Que and Brew Festival this weekend. II was a pale ale base, but featured 8 ounces of rhubarb juice during the boil plus another 12 ounces of fresh squeezed juice at kegging.

    There was just a hint of the rhubarb in the taste of the beer, so I think I’ll increase the amount of juice in the next keg.

  4. I brewed a California Common today. My son-in-law Matt helped. I based it on the all grain recipe at Northern Brewer. My brewblog for this beer is located here.

  5. I made this one for my Chocolate Milk Stout. It’s one of my favorite labels.
    The stout is pretty good too. It’s especially tasty over a little vanilla ice cream on a hot day. Okay, any day!

  6. Looking for affordable, custom bottle caps? Then check out I have ordered from them a few times and had very good service and results. You can upload your own image or choose from several pre-defined images.

    Here’s a photo of the bottle cap that I ordered for my beers. It’s a nice way to dress up a bottle in addition to a label.

  7. Here’s a label I made for my recently bottled Russian Imperial Stout. I called it Ruza, after a small city located on a river of the same name, situated about 62 miles west of Moscow. It is about the same size as Grand Rapids.

    I made the label using LibreOffice Draw (free and open source). I printed them 2.5″x2.5″ and glue them to bottles with a cheap glue stick.

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