Brewing During Shutdown

We have two brewpubs to support in Grand Rapids, and we also have a brewing supply store to think about.  Wine Creations is open so you can pick up brewing and vintner supplies to keep you busy while you’re at home.

Wine Creations Grand Rapids is open for supplies pickup Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 to 5:00 PM, and Saturdays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  You can ask questions or call in an order for pickup 3 ways:

  • Call (218) 326-9490
  • Email
  • Facebook message

50 Lbs. sacks of grain have arrived!

Beer Solution for Shutdowns

Homebrewers and craft beer lovers! Don’t forget to support your local brewery during these trying times! In Grand Rapids, both Klockow Brewing and Rapids Brewing are able to sell take-out beer during the new Minnesota Stay at Home Executive Order that extends to May 1. Alcohol is under the Exec Order category of Necessary Supplies and Services. Is this a great state or what?


Klockow Brewing:

  • Growlers can be filled, and crowlers purchased from 3PM to 7PM Tuesdays – Saturdays.
  • Crowler prices are about $8-$9, ranging from $5 for sale beers up to $11 for the really heavy beers.
  • Buy 3 crowlers, get $5 off.
  • Call your order in to (218) 999-7229 or text to (218) 289-4687.
  • Take out service available: pick up inside or curbside delivery or,
  • Free delivery is available in Grand Rapids, La Prairie, Coleraine, Bovey and Cohasset.  This is on a trial basis, so please consider orders large enough to make delivery reasonable.
  • More information on their web site and Facebook page


Rapids Brewing:

  • Crowlers and growlers can be purchased daily from 3 AM – 6 PM
  • Food and beer must be pre-ordered within certain time windows.
  • 3 crowlers are $20, or $18 for members of the Boreal Brewers Brew Club
  • Take out service available: pick up inside or curbside delivery.
  • Call (218) 999-9712 to place your order, or (218) 390-8664 as an alternate number.
  • Or email
  • Rapids Brewing is also serving take-out food.  Check out the menu and hours of availability on their web site or Facebook page.


Not in Grand Rapids? There’s an interactive map available for Minnesota brewed take-out beer. Check out the Google Map based Craft-Beer-To-Go map posted on Facebook by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild.

Stay safe out there.  Here’s a craft beer in isolation status.  Take the hint!

A beer in isolation status. You stay isolated too!



Town Hall Barrel Aged Week and a Brewery Tour

The annual Barrel Aged Week is coming up at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis.  The Boreal Brewers have been attending part of this event for a number of years.

Barrel Aged Week is 7 days of beer releases, and the beers are so incredible that it’s hard to come up with something to top them.  Barley Wines, Belgian Tripels and Quads, Imperial Stouts – all aged in a variety of whiskey and wine barrels; sometimes both.  These beers have been quietly aging in barrels for months or years, and Town Hall releases about three each night over the course of the week. Most of them are on tap Friday, and more are released on Saturday.

The week begins on Feb 17, and ends on the 23rd.  The Boreal Brewers head to the cities for dinner and massive beers at Town Hall on Friday the 21st, and repeat the gathering on Saturday the 22nd.  By the end of the week, there are more than 15 barrel aged beers on tap, and they’re so strong that it takes two nights to be able to sample them all.

David Owens is setting up a private Saturday brewery tour for our club at Clutch Brewing in St Paul.  For this tour and for coordinating the Boreal Brewers event in general, please sign up on our Survey Site .

Town Hall set up two dinners based on food paired with barrel aged beers.  Both have completely sold out.  Watch Town Hall’s website to see if they offer any more options!