Boreal Brewers Meeting

Hey folks,


Rather than begin club activities again with a full meeting, let’s get together as a casual gathering.  The Deer River BBQ and Brewfest is coming up, and we need to talk about our participation level.  Let’s meet up and grab a table at Klockow on Tuesday July 12th at 6:00 PM.  We need to discuss who’s entering the competition, and how much table/shelter space we need.  And have a beer!




Brewclub Meeting?

Some of us were discussing getting the first club meeting together since Covid began.  But, recent numbers put Minnesota at/near the top of the list for infections, including breakthrough infections. Itasca County itself is also high, to the point that ICU beds are full across northern Minnesota, and non-critical appointments are being pushed back to 2022.

Let’s see how the holidays go, and revisit a club meeting a couple of weeks after the new year begins.

Fall 2021 News


The annual Klocktoberfest celebration is coming up on Saturday September 25th at Klockow Brewing.  The Boreal Brewers have traditionally participated in this event, sharing out homebrew from a tent in the parking lot.  For 2021, we need enough homebrewers to make our contribution viable, and someone who is willing to take charge and organize logistics and homebrewers.

If you are willing to take on the task of organizing the Boreal Brewers participation at Klocktoberfest, please contact Steve at  Also contact Steve if you are willing to share homebrew at the event.

So what’s happening with the Boreal Brewers?  We were heavily involved at the outdoor Deer River BBQ and Brewfest in July, and did a tasting at Klockow earlier in the year.  It’s now September, and the Covid variants have changed the picture somewhat.  Itasca Co. public health says we’re in the “High Rate of Transmission” category right now.  We’d like to get a club meeting together, but are watching the local situation for a break.  Hopefully we can get together outside in October.




Deer River BBQ and Brewfest

Don’t forget that the annual Deer River BBQ and Brewfest is coming up Saturday July 17th.  Setup begins around noon, and the public can enter at 3:00 PM.  Because a decision on beer judging had to be made a few months ago before COVID restrictions were listed, there will not be a homebrew competition in 2021.  The question was whether it was safe or to pack a couple dozen beer judges into a room for a couple of hours. Homebrewers are encouraged to serve beer (you must have some overstock piled up from brewing during COVID!).

There’s more info at the Deer River event site.

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