Parti-Gyle and Split Batch Brewing Class

Bob McIntire will be conducting a special class on the modern way to brew multiple beers from a single mash. The overview of the class includes:

  • what is parti-gyle and split batch brewing
  • a little history
  • pros and cons
  • theory and recipe calculations
  • making beers widely different from each other
  • examples of recipes

The class will be held at Wine Creations, 814 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids.

Date: March 2, 2019   Time: 1pm – 3 pm

Cost :$5.00

Please call (218) 326-9490 to register.

See you there.

Free Beer for Doing Nothing?

Now, here’s an idea that we should see here.

Amstel Pause wanted people to have a three minute break. And to enjoy a cool beer  afterwards.  Over a period of 16 days, a total of 1,344 beers given to people who do nothing.  It added up to 4,032 minutes of break or more than 67 hours of rest for different people.

Stand still for 3 minutes without reading, answering a phone or otherwise fidgeting around, and you get a free beer.

Story of Brewing in America

This week’s America’s Test Kitchen (PRX program) 4th of July special “The Amazing History, Lore and Science of America’s Favorite Drink”.  This year, it’s all about American beer. They speak with historian, author, and self-proclaimed ranter Maureen Ogle about her book Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer. And they taste test beer with expert Lauren Clark.  Here’s the show below:

American Beer Revival

Over the last hundred or so years, the brewing industry in the United States has changed dramatically. From the saloon era through consolidation to today’s flourishing craft beer culture, it’s been quite a ride. Take a look at how the small brewer is making quite a comeback after nearly a half century of decline.