Meeting Wednesday Dec 16th

Hey brewers,

It’s time to have a club meeting, squeezing it in before Christmas week.  We’ll meet at the KAXE Boardroom in Grand Rapids, Wednesday, December 16th @ 6:00 – 9:00 at the latest.

It’s time to pull out some brews that haven’t been shared for a while.  I’ve got a Dopplebock and two Oktoberfests left over from the GR Oktoberfest this last fall.  And some potluck action – bring something if you can, but don’t stay away if you can’t.

We’ll review all the activities we did in 2015, and there were a lot.  We’ll discuss activities for 2016.  We will finalize a choice on club T shirts, possible other apparel and tasting glasses.  And, we need to talk about a plan to do a brewery tour in Duluth, around February.  Community education is willing to run the logistics to get a bus, and drive us around to do a day of tours around Duluth, and maybe Superior, visiting and tasting at multiple breweries, brewpubs and the Vikre distillery.  We just need to set up visits with the individual breweries.  We figure a Saturday would be best.

Come on out and help us plan our year of brewing and tasting events, and share some camaraderie, brews and snacks.

KAXE Boardroom, Wednesday December 16th, 6:00 PM or so.

-Steve Benson

Club Meeting Monday Sept 14, 6:00 PM

@ KAXE boardroom in Grand Rapids.

We’ve got a number of things to discuss, including past and upcoming tastings (Sept 26 Oktoberfest at the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids), and a little club business.

  • We’ve updated our club’s liability insurance, so we’re up to date for another year.
  • Larry J has been looking into T shirts, and will have some prices for us to consider.
  • Three of us participated by serving beer at the Taste of Itasca Fundraiser, for Bridges Kinship Mentoring
  • Over a dozen of us participated at the Deer River BBQ and Brew Fest, with the Boreals bringing in quite a few awards.  We competed, judged, gave away beer and at the end of the evening, found ourselves handed about nine trays of assorted BBQ.  Extra beer and extra BBQ.  It was almost hard to handle.
  • Three of us participated at the Eldercircle fundraiser dinner; serving beer, eating dinner and then falling into bidding during the home made pie auction.  A great night.
  • And the GR Oktoberfest is coming up.  It’s a very fun time; last year we needed five servers to keep up with the demand for homebrew.  You should consider bringing some beer and sharing the fun.  Plus, you can get in for free.  There are photos available to peruse at

Maybe bring some beer, possibly some food, and relax at a Boreal Brewers club meeting next Monday!  Hope to see you there!

Holiday Meeting

Going For The Bronze
Going For The Bronze

Greetings! We’re going to get together at the KAXE Boardroom, Monday December 16th, 6 PM.

If you’ve got winter warmers or celebration ales, now’s the time to pull them out!  As always, plan on potluck for food.

Karen from Wine Creations in Grand Rapids had some overstock that she offered to the club.  This includes a 50# sack of roast malt, 1# of bitter orange peel and a number of 1 oz packs of yeast.  Bring some zip lock bags and a scale!

Club members and home brewers are welcome.