2018 Homebrew Conference Registration Open

The annual conference of the American Homebrewers Association will be in Portland, OR at the end of June.  It’s one of the finest conferences you’ll ever go to, for education on brewing beer and fermenting other beverages with a wide variety of components and techniques.  There’s history, brewing 101, total geek sessions, equipment displays, food and (wait for it …) BEER!  So many different, fascinating and creative beers that you will not be able to try them all.

The website for the conference is  https://www.homebrewcon.org/  and it’s the largest homebrew gathering in the country.  The Boreal Brewers are hanging on to one extra hotel reservation, but will release it if we don’t hear from you soon.

The sessions include beer styles, ingredients, sensory analysis, the brewing process, recipe formulation, yeast & fermentation, aging in barrels, smoked hops, flavor creation, gluten free, ancient beers and a lot more.  Full registration is $255 right now, on early bird status.  Figure $255, maybe $400 for a flight, $300 for hotel, local transport and some food.  It’s under a thousand dollars.  Better if you can share hotel rooms.

Brew Club Meeting at Klockow

Boreal Brewers and prospective members,

We’ll be having a meeting on Tuesday April 3rd, 6:00 PM at Klockow Brewing in Grand Rapids.  There’s the Big Brew Day to plan (May 5) and other events over the coming year.  As always, if you have snacks or beer to share – bring them, but don’t avoid coming if you don’t.  This is a fun group of people and our meetings are a great place to learn from each other.


Town Hall Barrel Aged Week

The most flavorful week of the year is coming.  Town Hall in Minneapolis will begin broaching barrels the week of February 19th.  Our club usually goes down Friday night, and returns home Saturday.  We tend to meet for dinner Friday, try a couple of pubs and then end at Town Hall for the fantastic barrel aged beers.  We plan to get to a number of pubs on Saturday, and end up at Town Hall.

Post any questions you may have, and we can start emailing plans with a short list of those who want to go.