scottish 80 xport

From the BrewBlog of BorealBrewers – Grand Rapdis, Minnesota USA
Printed April 19, 2018

Style: Scottish Export 80/-
Contributor: Chad Haatvedt
Yield: 6 gallons
BJCP Style Info: Scottish Export 80/-
O.G.: 1.040 - 1.054
F.G.: 1.010 - 1.016
ABV: 3.9 - 5.0%
Bitterness: 15 - 30 IBUs
Color: 9 - 17 SRM
Info: Cleanly malty with a drying finish, perhaps a few esters, and on occasion a faint bit of peaty earthiness (smoke). Most beers finish fairly dry considering their relatively sweet palate, and as such have a different balance than strong Scotch ales.

Commercial Examples: Orkney Dark Island, Caledonian 80/- Export Ale, Belhaven 80/- (Belhaven Scottish Ale in the US), Southampton 80 Shilling, Broughton Exciseman’s 80/-, Belhaven St. Andrews Ale, McEwan's Export (IPA), Inveralmond Lia Fail, Broughton Merlin’s Ale, Arran Dark

General Information
Method: All Grain
scottish 80 xport
Date Brewed:  
Brew Day Data
  Target Actual
Strike Water Amount: 0  
Strike Water Temperature:    
Mash Temperature:    
Mash Time:    
Sparge Water Amount: 8.8  
Sparge Water Temperature:    
Pre-Boil Gravity:    
Pre-Boil Amount: 7.8  
Post-Boil Amount: 6  
Boil Time: 60  
Original Gravity:  
Brew Day Notes

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