Klocktoberfest Sept 28th

Klocktoberfest sign

We are proud to be part of the 2ND ANNUAL KLOCKTOBERFEST at Klockow Brewing Company!

Starts at Noon

🍺6 German-style beers on tap
🍺Music from Doctor Kielbasa (polka) 3pm-7pm
🍺Pizzas from Log Home Wood Fired Pizza
🍺Nägelspiel benefiting United Way 1000 Lakes
🍺Boreal Brewers Homebrew Club serving free samples of their delicious brews
🍺Costume contest with prizes 8pm
🍺Bounce house for kids
🍺VIP packages available for $20 – special drinkware, drink tickets, and other swag!

We have been invited to serve some homebrew.  If you can participate, please fill out this survey so we know who to expect and what you can offer.

Thanks in advance.



You may recall that the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation (GRACF) began the Grand Rapids Oktoberfest tradition, by sponsoring and running an Oktoberfest celebration for a number of years. It began at the golf course, then was held for a few years at the Forest History Center, with about 500 people attending.   The Boreal Brewers served homebrew at each History Center event, and our effort was popular enough that we had to ask for extra help to keep up with the pace of serving homebrew samples.

After 2016, GRACF had to end the volunteer-intensive effort. In 2017, the Boreal Brewers decided that we could not let the tradition end. We hosted Oktoberfest September 23rd, 2017 in the parking lot of what would become Klockow. We were back for the full event in 2018, and have been invited again for 2019.

Big Brew ??

So, we missed big brew in May.  Well, it was kinda intentional.  The weather is really iffy the first Saturday of May, and we opted not to chance it.  If it;s too cold, nobody shows up, and if it’s nice, it is usually the first nice weekend of the year, and people just….

Anyway, at our late April meeting, we decided to try a brew event in June.  It’s a bid late to post this, and I apologize in advance, but what do you think of an event on June 8th or 15th (both on a Saturday)?  Please let us know via this survey  (click here) and let us know if you are interested and can help out.

This time of year should yield a bigger crowd or at least a decent number of interested folks.  Please respond soon, so we can commit (or not) by this weekend.

Thanks in advance,

Chad H

Parti-Gyle and Split Batch Brewing Class

Bob McIntire will be conducting a special class on the modern way to brew multiple beers from a single mash. The overview of the class includes:

  • what is parti-gyle and split batch brewing
  • a little history
  • pros and cons
  • theory and recipe calculations
  • making beers widely different from each other
  • examples of recipes

The class will be held at Wine Creations, 814 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids.

Date: March 2, 2019   Time: 1pm – 3 pm

Cost :$5.00

Please call (218) 326-9490 to register.

See you there.