2019 Retrospective: Deer River BBQ and Brewfest

The Boreal Brewers showed up again with a large volume and wide variety of beer styles to share with the public.  We worked as judges during the competition judging, and as always, learned more of the subtleties of beers, meads and ciders.  We served up 30 difference beers and meads, including a vertical flight of Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stouts from 2009, 2012 and 2016.  Chad served his perpetually stunning Imperial Ice Cream Floats.  The demand for those burned through 3 gallons of vanilla ice cream.  A number of the Boreals won prizes in various categories, and some doubled down on prizes.  And the BBQ!  Sampling top quality BBQ and top quality beers is one of the best parts about this annual event.  Watch for it near the end of July 2020.

Don’t forget to read the post below about an upcoming meeting and membership dues.

Club Meeting & Membership



Let’s have a meeting! Klockow Brewing will let us monopolize the taproom on Monday December 16, from 6:00 PM until around 8:30 PM. As usual, we’ll potluck food and beer for our meeting, so feel free to contribute or not. Since we swept the bulk of the awards at the Deer BBQ and Brewfest, perhaps samples of some of those winners could show up?


Members, prospective members and interested homebrewers are welcome! One of our discussion topics needs to be a collaboration brew with Klockow – we’ve been threatening this for a while, and Bud Cone has come up with a Saison recipe that people need to taste. Also, Moose Lake Brewing is interested in having a number of brew clubs join up for a collaboration brew.


Membership! We were not at all aggressive on collecting dues this last year, so we don’t have many people signed up as paid. This puts us in a bind on updating our liability insurance. Unpaid members are not covered under our liquor liability policy. If you can get paid up on your membership, you will be covered at club events next year.


We need to finalize our participation in club insurance through the American Homebrewers Association before December 1. If you want to keep your membership up to date, please contact Steve at spbevets@hotmail.com ASAP with notice of intent to pay dues. You could settle up at this upcoming meeting, or mail a check to Boreal Brewers, to Larry Johnson at 25159 Trout Lake Acres Rd, Bovey MN, 55709. Membership dues are $15 per year, and cover our web presence, insurance and the occasional collaboration brew.

Klockow Brewing and AHA Member Benefits

Dang.  I wrote this post on July 14th, then forgot to post it!

Klockow Brewing is a participant in the Membership Benefits Program of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).  Participating establishments like Klockow offer discounts on beer, and in some cases food.  In this case, Klockow offers $1 off per pint with proof of membership.  AHA has a fun app available to members to find breweries with discounts; “Brew Guru.”  Brew Guru on your mobile device is also your digital passport to getting those discounts; that or your AHA membership card.  And, Brew Guru has a number of other features worth looking at.

Let’s see, a digital membership to AHA is $38 per year, so the savings on 38 pints at Klockow or other participating breweries pays for the membership and six issues of Zymurgy magazine (digital) …

Brew Club Meeting

Our next club meeting will be at Klockow Brewing in Grand Rapids, Tuesday July 16th at 6 PM.  Any prospective members are welcome to visit and find out what we’re about.

We’ll be discussing our participation in the upcoming beer event, the 10th anniversary Deer River BBQ and Brewfest.  We need homebrewers who are willing to enter their beers in competition, and we also need beer judges.  Does that sound like a difficult job or what?

Our club did a collaborative brew with Fulton Brewing of Minneapolis in 2015, and we now have a nicely aged Brett Farmhouse Ale to serve at Deer River.  We also need to discuss a collaborative brew with Klockow, which we’ve been casually considering for a few months.  We need to make some decisions, move forward and set a date.

So show up Tuesday the 16th!  We normally share homebrew and potluck food, but don’t stay away if you can’t bring anything to share – there’s usually plenty.  And brewers are good cooks!