Tasting at Itasca County Fair August 21

The Boreal Brewers were invited to conduct a tasting / brewing demonstration at the 2016 Itasca County Fair. This is the first time a beer tasting has been offered at the County Fair, and it will hopefully be a chance to introduce a lot more people to craft beer. The tasting will occur early Sunday afternoon, and more details are forthcoming.

Itasca County Fair banner
This is not intended to be a big event like the Deer River Bar-b-Que Fest, so we won’t need as much beer. However, it would be nice to have at least four members present with some beer to share,

If you can make it, please sign up on our Doodle poll right here and let us know how you can help.

Thanks in advance & and relax and have a homebrew!

Are you attending the Bar-B-Que and Beer Fest in Deer River

Hey fellow homebrewers and beer lovers,

It’s less than two weeks to the Deer River BBQ and Brewfest, a day of great BBQ and homebrew. The day includes a sanctioned BBQ competition and a nationally sanctioned BJCP homebrew competition. The event begins with a dinner for competitors and volunteers Friday night, followed by an informal gathering of brewers, while the BBQ folks fire up for a night-long roasting and meat smoking.

There’s unlimited camping space, free firewood, water and porta-potties.

Judging begins around noon, while the homebrewers set up to serve beer. We aim to wow people by sharing homebrews that are high quality and sometimes unique. At 3 PM the public is allowed in, and everyone can sample beer and BBQ. Typically there are over 700 people in attendance. The band fires up in the afternoon, and awards are announced during the afternoon as well. Things quiet down after the sun sets, the chandeliers are turned on, and homebrew sharing continues among the brewers. We usually end up gathered around a bonfire, and potluck a late evening meal.

It’s a fun day, and more fun if you do some camping and get the full effect of the event. Have dinner with us Friday night. Enter some beer into the competition just to see what kind of scores your beer generates. Bring some beer to share. Volunteer to be a judge by responding to David at david@oldroadbrewery.com If you are new to judging, you will be paired with experienced judges. It’s not difficult if you are familiar with good beer. You can choose which styles of beer you want to judge.

Check out the details on the web page and Facebook.


This event is put on by the Deer River Chamber of Commerce.

We’re trying to get a count / list of who will be coming to the event on the 16th. Please comment below and let us know.

It will be lots of fun, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Relax, and Have a Homebrew!

Deer River Brew and Bar-b-que Fest

Save the date… Saturday, July 16, 2016.

Bar-B-Que & Brew FestDeer River will be smokin’ for the 6th Annual Deer River Bar-b-que and Brew Fest, Saturday, July 16th, 2016 at White Oak Learning Center in Deer River.

Fellow homebrewers are encouraged to bring their brews to share at the public tasting. You should also consider entering your beers in the competition. It is fun, and a nice way to get some good critical feedback on your beers.

More info is available as the festival website.

This is one of the most enjoyable events that our club participates in each year. There is lots of fun conversation, an amazing selection of awesome beers, and a great “after party”.

Don’t miss out.

Bulk Grain Prices!

Wine Creations in Grand Rapids is going to offer bulk pricing on malted barley (not malt extract).  To achieve these prices, Wine Creations is planning to put together bulk orders, ordering malt by the pallet, which is about 44 bags.  The prices listed here are for base malts.  Full bags of adjunct grains can also be ordered in bulk.  You can find the full list of available malts at LD Carlson’s Storefront Commerce Site. This list includes 26 malts from Muntons, 4 from Gambrinus, 21 from Dingemans, 106 from Briess, 66 from The Swaen, 6 from Meussdoerffler and 24 from Avangaard. USA malts come in 50 lb bags, European malts come in 55 lb bags (25 kilos).

Wouldn’t you like to see what 2,400 lbs of malt looks like on a pallet?

To ask questions or place an order, please call Karen at Wine Creations, (218) 326-9490.


Base Malts:

Briess 50 lb bags               (Wisconsin)

2 Row Brewers     $41

Pale Ale                $50

Pilsen                   $50

Vienna                 $51

Munich                $60


Muntons 55 lb bags        (England)

Maris Otter         $60


Avangaard 55 lb bags     (Germany)

Pilsen                    $41

Pale Ale                $45

Vienna                  $47

Munich Light        $47

Munich Dark        $49


The Swaen 55 lb bags     (Netherlands)

Pilsner                  $47

Ale                        $47

Munich Light        $47

Munich Dark        $47