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Not too long ago, Rapids Brewing joined the Brew Guru Program of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).  Our two brewpubs in Grand Rapids are now both in the program, and both offer discounts to members of the AHA.

Rapids Brewing offers $1 off per beer, and Klockow Brewing offers $1 off per pint.

Why would you care?  Well, a digital membership with the AHA is $43 per year, or $35 per year for 3 years.  If you buy one beer a week at either Klockow or Rapids, you’ve covered the cost of the membership.  How hard is that?  It’s like making money!  A print/digital membership with a copy of  Zymurgy magazine delivered every other month is $49/year or $40/year for 3 years.  Still saving money!

The Brew Guru phone app will guide you to over 2,500 member discounts around the country.  You can bring up an area on a map, or search from where you are and find participating business with discounts on beer, food and brewing supplies.  The app will show you every brewpub in any area, brew supply stores and whether or not they have discounts, which is great for trip planning.

Membership in the AHA gets you:

Access to the Brew Guru app

A stream of excellent information on brewing techniques, equipment, ingredients, historical investigations on beer styles, and a long list of brewing ideas.  Almost every article includes recipes for making the brew being discussed, from Cream Ale to Kveik.  AHA brings you an array of info for beginners, intermediates and experts.  And the annual Gadget Edition.

Access to hundreds of medal-winning recipes, and tons of recipes and brew info from your phone

Access to hundreds of recorded seminars from AHA national conferences

Access to 20 years of the archives of Zymurgy magazine.

Access to member discounts on books – including Brewing Classic Styles available as a free promo right now.

National advocacy for homebrewing.  When the Boreal Brewers took on the task of revising Minnesota’s homebrew laws to allow public homebrew sharing in 2014, the AHA was a huge supporting influence, mobilizing brew clubs and AHA members across Minnesota to contact legislators and be heard.

It’s worth joining.



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