International Big Brew Day

Hey, brewers! The first Saturday of May is Big Brew Day: May 2, 2020. The Boreal Brewers have traditionally come together in various locales in the Grand Rapids area to share the day with the public, showcase equipment and techniques, brew a bunch of beer and share beer and food.

Since we’re in a worldwide do-things-in-virtual-mode, the American Homebrewers Association has set up a virtual Big Brew Day. Go to this site, and share what you’re going to be brewing! You can use the suggested recipes or go free form. They’ll post your name, your brew and your planned gallons. Post your brew on the AHA web site, and post it here as well as a comment on the Boreal Brewers site.

Hopefully we’ll be together in 2021!  Here are some photos from previous years.


3 thoughts on “International Big Brew Day

  1. It’s going to be too nice on Saturday to brew so I’m going to ride my motorcycle instead. But aon Sunday I’m going to brew a kveik ipa. I know it’s a day late, but it’ll be close.

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