Brewing Water Chemistry

Last year Bob McIntire offered a class on brewing water chemistry.  I attended and learned a lot.  Well, he’s offering it again on February 16th.

He’ll teach you how to read your water test results, and the basics that you need to get your brewing water right.  You do not have to be a chemist to take the class, as he’ll show you some basic techniques and chemicals that you can use to dial in your Ph levels, hardness and alkalinity.  He’ll even provide a handy free water chemistry calculator that you can use to guide you in adjusting the properties of your water.

The class will be held at Wine Creations, 814 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids.

February 16, 2018   Time: 1pm – 3 pm

Cost :$5.00

Please call (218) 326-9490 to register.

Don’t miss out!



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