Brew Club Meeting at Klockow

Boreal Brewers and prospective members,

We’ll be having a meeting on Tuesday April 3rd, 6:00 PM at Klockow Brewing in Grand Rapids.  There’s the Big Brew Day to plan (May 5) and other events over the coming year.  As always, if you have snacks or beer to share – bring them, but don’t avoid coming if you don’t.  This is a fun group of people and our meetings are a great place to learn from each other.


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  1. Upcoming events talked about during the 4/3/18 meeting:
    4/14: Northern Lights is having a beer and wine tasting at the Little Fork VFW. Event starts at 5pm.
    5/5: Big Brew Day, south side of the Klockow Brewery in Grand Rapids. More details to follow; Phil and Chad are bringing shelters.
    5/8: Taste of Itasca fundraiser for Bridges Kinship Mentoring held at Timberlake in Grand Rapids. Each person brings 2~3 growlers.
    6/28~30: national conference in Portland, OR.
    7/7: Northern Districk Fair in Little Fork. See Andy for more information.
    7/21: Deer River BBQ and Brewfest. Sanctioned beer contest, great fun and public sampling. Look at or Facebook for more info.

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