Boreal Brewers Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Boreal Brewers will be in the last week of November.  We will meet Tuesday the 28th of November at the Klockow Brewing Co taproom in Grand Rapids, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  The taproom will be closed for business, so we can get comfortable.  We’ll take a look at our events of 2017, and begin thinking about 2018.  We’ll share some beers, and will, as usual, talk about brewing, techniques, cool equipment and recipes.  We can most likely get a tour while we’re there.

If you can bring beer and/or snacks please do.  If you can’t, come anyway.  These meetings are open to club members, as well as those considering joining.  There are handy outlets, so crock pots can be plugged in.  Bring a glass or two, and sufficient utensils to serve and share your snacks (bowls, plates, forks, napkins).  Steve is going to break down and open up a few beers and meads that have been brought down from Alaska.

Hope to see you there!

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