Flip Top Bottles Looking For a New Home

I have 6 cases of these buggers that are going to the trash bin on November 1st if nobody wants them.

Free Flip Top BottlesFree.  Need to be cleaned up, but nothing that a little PBW won’t take care of.

PM me if interested, and you can make arrangements to get them out of my shed.

( I think there are 60-70 of these.  I have some gaskets if you need them too. )

3 thoughts on “Flip Top Bottles Looking For a New Home

  1. I just bottled 60 bottles of hard apple cider. And have 6 gallons of honey mead I will need too bottle also. Where can I pick them up thanks Carl Johnson 2189997237

    1. Not sure how to pm so I guess I can leave a Comment. I can come and get them anytime in the afternoon through the weekend. Can reach me at 360-451-5586. I can take them all and share with another home brewer if that is fair.

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