Bulk Grain Prices!

Wine Creations in Grand Rapids is going to offer bulk pricing on malted barley (not malt extract).  To achieve these prices, Wine Creations is planning to put together bulk orders, ordering malt by the pallet, which is about 44 bags.  The prices listed here are for base malts.  Full bags of adjunct grains can also be ordered in bulk.  You can find the full list of available malts at LD Carlson’s Storefront Commerce Site. This list includes 26 malts from Muntons, 4 from Gambrinus, 21 from Dingemans, 106 from Briess, 66 from The Swaen, 6 from Meussdoerffler and 24 from Avangaard. USA malts come in 50 lb bags, European malts come in 55 lb bags (25 kilos).

Wouldn’t you like to see what 2,400 lbs of malt looks like on a pallet?

To ask questions or place an order, please call Karen at Wine Creations, (218) 326-9490.


Base Malts:

Briess 50 lb bags               (Wisconsin)

2 Row Brewers     $41

Pale Ale                $50

Pilsen                   $50

Vienna                 $51

Munich                $60


Muntons 55 lb bags        (England)

Maris Otter         $60


Avangaard 55 lb bags     (Germany)

Pilsen                    $41

Pale Ale                $45

Vienna                  $47

Munich Light        $47

Munich Dark        $49


The Swaen 55 lb bags     (Netherlands)

Pilsner                  $47

Ale                        $47

Munich Light        $47

Munich Dark        $47


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