Update – Boreal Meeting Format

One of the features of our club meetings is that a lot of people bring beer.  Everybody wants to share what they brought, and talk about the beers they brewed.  A lot of different discussions ensue, there are too many individual beers to try, and some beers don’t really get showcased as they should.  This of course, leads to palate fatigue.  Let’s try something new.


DON’T bring beer.  Steve and Bud will bring beer for the March 23rd meeting.  We’ll have a selection of big beers, wild beers and sours.  Baltic Porter, aged Barleywine, Doppelbock, and others. You’ll get your chance to volunteer to bring beers to a future meeting.


Bring snacks if you have time to prepare them between work and the meeting, don’t worry if you don’t.  The point is to be there, and enjoy the sharing, even if you can’t bring anything.

Ready to fill the barrel
Ready to fill the barrel

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