Boreal Brewers Meeting

Wednesday Feb 24th, 6 PM, at KAXE radio in Grand Rapids.

We’ll give a recap of the beer tour in the cities last weekend.  If we can find a projector, we can show some slides and video.  We hit Surly, Town Hall, Urban Growler and Bang, and had a private tour and tasting at both Fair State and Fulton breweries.  At Fair State, brewer Caleb opened some bottles from some of their early barrel aged brews, and gave us quite a bit of information about the microbiology of brewing with a variety of yeasts and bacteria.  At Fulton, brewer Matt tapped some blended barrel aged beer for us to sample, and we’ve got video of the tapping and photos of the surprising colors produced as kegs slowly push foam out of the bungs.  We also brought home the 16 gallon keg of Saison we brewed last year in collaboration with Fulton, and we’ll be serving that at tasting events around Itasca county for the next few months.

Bring a beer or two to sample, and a snack, but don’t stay away if you can’t!  There’s always a good variety of beer to sample.

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