March Tastings

We have been offered a couple of tasting opportunities to help support local events.  Both are great community resources.

  • March 16th — Adam Levy Concert @ Chucker Auditorium in Davies Hall at Itasca Community College. This is a benefit concert for KAXE. The tasting will be before the concert. About 150 people are expected.  The tasting will be conducted from 6-7pm, concert follows.
  • March 18th — Annual Jaycees Home, Sport and Travel Show at the IRC Civic Center in Grand Rapids. We’ll share info about homebrewing, and do a couple of sampling sessions. Time: 6-8pm.

If you can help out and/or provide some homebrew, please go to this doodle poll to sign up. We’ll be communicating and making final details the week before the tastings.  You can return to the poll at any time to see who will be helping out.
Thanks in advance.

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