Beer Road Trip!

In Minneapolis, Town Hall Brewery begins releasing stupendous barrel aged beers the week of Valentines Day.  By Friday or Saturday, there are more beers available to try than you can handle.

Last year we went down as a club and tried these Town Hall beers, then brewed a batch of beer at Fulton Brewery the next day.  We are considering doing this again, going down Friday.  Dinner at Surly, then aged beer at Town Hall.  Possible trips to Fulton or State Fair Brewing on Saturday.

Most stay in hotels, some with friends or relatives in the cities.

If you are interested, please respond to, and we’ll set up a smaller email group.  You can drop out any time, but we don’t want to do trip planning and load up the inboxes of those who are not interested.

-Steve Benson
Pres, Boreal Brewers


2015 THB Barrel Aged Week

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