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The American Homebrewers Association puts out a lot of great information for homebrewers.  There are some links to interesting online articles below, and the AHA website has a huge amount of info for brewers.  If you become a member, you’ll begin receiving the AHA Journal, Zymurgy.  There are so many tips, articles and recipes in Zymurgy that I can’t read it without planning out my next series of brews, and wishing I had time to brew even more.  They produce more unique and award winning recipes that most people could brew in a year.

And, the AHA was a BIG influence in helping us change Minnesota’s homebrew law in 2014.  They provided regular support to us during the legislative session.  The AHA also contacted all Minnesota AHA members and asked them to contact their legislators to support the homebrew bills.  With AHA support, and the work of Sen Tom Saxhaug and Rep Tom Anzelc, the homebrew bills became law (below).

AHA online articles:

How Many Calories are in Beer?

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How to Harvest and Culture Commercial Yeast for Homebrewers

MS 340A.301 Subd. 11.
Unlicensed manufacture.
(a) Nothing in this chapter requires a license for the natural fer-
mentation of fruit juices or brewing of beer in the home for family use.
(b) Naturally fermented fruit juices or beer made under this subdivision may be removed from the
premises where made for use at organized affairs, exhibitions, or competitions, including, but not limited
to, homemaker’s contests, tastings, or judging.
(c) For purposes of this subdivision, “tastings” means an event where the general public may sample
unlicensed naturally fermented fruit juices or beer.
(d) Beverages produced pursuant to this subdivision may be sampled or used in tastings provided that
the beverage is made and transported in containers and equipment that shall not allow the migration of toxic
(e) Public notice meeting the requirements of this paragraph must be given in writing or signage at any
tasting. The notice shall include disclosure that the unlicensed naturally fermented fruit juices or beer being
offered is homemade and not subject to state inspection, and may be consumed by persons over the age
of 21 at their own risk. The notice must include the name and address of the person who processed and
bottled the beverage.
(f) Naturally fermented fruit juices or beer removed under this subdivision may not be sold or offered
for sale.

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