Hops at Hort Day!

The University of Minnesota North Central Research and Outreach Center, located in Grand Rapids is experimenting with growing hops.    During this year’s Horticultural Day Open House event on August 28th, the hops station will be part a wagon ride tour, and the organizers of the event would like to have some brewers on hand to talk about
hops, have some samples for folks to smell and talk about hops is used in brewing.

They are growing Brewers Gold and Columbus varieties, but will provide several other commercial varieties for for us to show and let the public experience.   This is another opportunity for some members of our club to get involved in fun community event.

We will not be serving home brew, but instead talking about our hobby and hops.  Let Chad Haatvedt know if you are interested in helping out.  It would be nice to have a several folks to help split the time span into two shifts (you are certainly welcome to do the whole thing if you want).  We need to let them know soon if we can help out.

Details @ http://ncroc.cfans.umn.edu/news-events/horticulture-day-2015

1861 East Highway 169, Grand Rapids, MN
Friday, August 28th from 2-7PM

5 thoughts on “Hops at Hort Day!

  1. Chad, I will plan on being there. Let me know if there is anything I can bring. I may have to leave a little early for another commitment.

  2. Chad, I would be happy to help but it has to be the am shift. I knew about this event from the MHGA conference last spring. I hope to my yard ready for planting by the end of August.

    1. Larry:
      The event does not start until 2pm. Can you confirm if you can work in the early afternoon?

  3. Chad,
    I would be willing to help out. I would prefer to not do the whole day, as I would like to have some time to look at the other exhibits.

    Chad Guggisberg

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