Porters & Poetry

A Tasting Event…

The Boreal Brewers Homebrew Club has been invited to attend the Porters and Poetry event at the MacRPandPLogoostie Art Gallery on April 24th.  If you can provide some homebrew for sampling, please sign up on our Doodle Poll.

Here is the description of the event from the sponsors, the Uncommon Loons…

An event of literary and libationary poetry (spoken word and beer drinking). Featured poets punctuated by opportunities for open mic. Original poetry is encouraged but not required. Come to read your own words or just sit, sip and listen. Social hours begins at at 7:00, poetry at 8:00. $10 for keepsake glassware and the first fill. $5 per additional pour of porter. (wine and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available for patrons of poetry but not porter.)

NOTE: the prices shown above are for the commercially available porter.  Samples provided by the Boreal Brewers are always offered free of charge.

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