What Are You Brewing This Winter

Bottom fermenting yeast
Bottom fermenting yeast

The cold temperatures outside means that your basement may be cooling down too, affording an opportunity to make a homebrew that likes a cooler fermentation temp.  Have you tried making a lager, kolsch or california common?  Do you have any tips for making these styles of beer?  Post your ideas and comments here.

2 thoughts on “What Are You Brewing This Winter

  1. I bottled a Kolsch yesterday. I usually ferment at 60 degrees, then hold it at 50 degrees for a month for a really smooth flavor. One of my lagering fridges quit, so secondary fermenter was on the basement floor for a month at 61 degrees. It still passed my taste test!
    I’m lagering a Czech Pilsner and a Dortmunder Export at 33 Degrees in my remaining fridge. They will be ready to bottle next week.
    Brewed a Belgian Dubbel and a Peat Smoked Porter last weekend. I’m using the cooler basement temps (64 degrees on my wife’s laundry table) to keep fermentation from getting too hot!

  2. Has anyone ever tried to grow the pitchable yeast at the colder temp and then pitch it at the colder temp to see if it actually begins fermenting faster than pitchable yeast grown at warm temp pitched into wort at colder temps?

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