Boreal Brewers Club Meeting

Brew Club Meeting Announcement! Monday, August 18, 6:00 PM, KAXE Board Room. Aside from sampling potluck brews and food, we have some business about upcoming events.

1) Recap of the Deer River event. How was it for you? What can we do better next year?

2) The annual Eldercircle Harvest Dinner will be held on Thursday, August 21. We need a few volunteers, or a few donations of beers, meads or wines to offer for sampling. This year’s event will be at the Timberwind Stained Glass Studio. 3303 Horseshoe Lake Road. It’s a casual, fun evening, of chatting with people who are appreciative about tasting your good homebrew.

3) The second annual Grand Rapids Oktoberfest is coming up Sept 27. We will have a tent set aside to offer homebrewed beer and wine samples. There will be live music, extremely good food, commercial Oktoberfest beers, white German wines, homebrew sampling and other fun and events. This will be held at the Forest History center, and the intent is to make this into an annual community event. Check out the Facebook site.

4) KAXE is having an event near Halloween, and we need to plan for that as well.

5) KAXE sent us a nice note thanking the club for the donations of beer for the Riverfest event. Thanks to the brewers who donated.

PLEASE contact me if you can make the Eldercircle Harvest Dinner to serve brew samples.

Note that all these events are samplings, so you can serve 2 oz samples of your products, and do not need to plan on giving away a bunch.

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