Anzelc and Saxhaug Recognized in Grand Rapids

legilsators holding a sixpack of homebrew
From Left: Sen. Tom Saxhaug, Rep. Tom Anzelc, homebrewer Chad Haatvedt

Representative Tom Anzelc and Senator Tom Saxhaug were formally thanked and recognized during the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce “Eggs and Issues” breakfast meeting this morning.  The two legislators were present to give a re-cap of the 2014 legislative session to area business leaders, and talking about the various laws and tax changes that happened this session, there was a time for Q&A.  Just before the meeting ended, Chad Haatvedt, a member of the Boreal Brewers Homebrew Club was given an opportunity to present Anzelc and Saxhaug with a six-pack of homebrew.

Haatvedt told the folks there about the significance of the new legislation for homebrewers: it allows us to share our craft, legitimizes tastings and competitions and supports community events and fund-raising efforts.  He acknowledged the political skill, savvy, and perseverance it took to walk new provisions through the legislative process.

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  1. The July/August 2014 edition of Zymurgy Magazine’s legislative update article (pp13-14)formally recognized the work of the BorealBrewers Homebrew Club in getting the law changed in Minnesota to be more permissive for tastings, club events, etc.

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