SF2346 Passes Through Senate Committee on Taxes

SF2346, the Omnibus Liquor Bill, was Legislators At  Workrecommended for adoption by the Senate Committee on Taxes at their meeting today. This bill contains the homebrew legislative changes we have been asking for. The original bill that we submitted was amended to include some wording from the Minnesota Department of Health (in blue). The text of our section of the Omnibus Liquor Bill is shown here:

7.17 Subd. 9. Unlicensed manufacture. (a) Nothing in this chapter requires a license for
7.18the natural fermentation of fruit juices or brewing of beer in the home for family use.
7.19(b) Naturally fermented fruit juices or beer made under this subdivision may be
7.20removed from the premises where made for use at organized affairs, exhibitions, or
7.21competitions, including, but not limited to, homemaker’s contests, tastings, or judging.
7.22(c) For purposes of this subdivision, “tastings” means an event where the general
7.23public may sample unlicensed naturally fermented fruit juices or beer.
7.24(d) Beverages produced pursuant to this subdivision may be sampled or used in
7.25tastings provided that the beverage is made and transported in containers and equipment
7.26that shall not allow the migration of toxic substances.
7.27(e) Public notice meeting the requirements of this paragraph must be given in writing
7.28or signage at any tasting. The notice shall include disclosure that the unlicensed naturally
7.29fermented fruit juices or beer being offered is homemade and not subject to state inspection,
7.30and may be consumed by persons over the age of 21 at their own risk. The notice must
7.31include the name and address of the person who processed and bottled the beverage.
7.32(f) Naturally fermented fruit juices or beer removed under this subdivision may not
7.33be sold or offered for sale.
7.34EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment.

The Omnibus Liquor Bill now goes to the Senate floor for adoption.

Our proposed wording is not in the House Omnibus Liquor Bill, so the two bill will need to go to conference committee.  However, since the MDH wording was originally suggested at the House of Representatives, we are very optimistic that it will get into the reconciled bill.

It’s not too early to contact your legislators to ask that they support Minnesota homebrewers.  Write a brief handwritten note on paper, and mail it with a stamp.  It means so much more than an email.

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