Legislation Update

The chair of the House Commerce Committee did not allow HF2999 to be heard in Committee.  Therefore, that bill will not be part of the House Omnibus Liquor bill.  This is a serious setback.  HF2999 could still be added as an amendment, but not having been through committee, the chances are lower that it will move forward.

On the other hand, SF2604 did make it through the Senate Committee, and is now part of the Senate Omnibus Liquor bill.  You can find the text of the omnibus bill here SF2346.  The homebrew language is in Section 9, lines 7.11 – 7.19.

After both bills are heard on the floor, and voted upon, they move to Conference Committees.  We will post the results of the Senate vote after that’s done, and will post the contact information for the Conferees when they are designated.  Please plan to contact these folks from both houses, by snail mail if possible.  Email is good, but a handwritten letter using your own words is better.  Prepare handwritten letters in advance, or have your letter thought out.  Please read the citizen participation portion of the legislative web site for letter guidelines.  Note the following from those guidelines: “Legislators say, “I’d rather get one short, simple, handwritten letter than a hundred form letters that organizations urge people to write. The letters come in stacks 300 deep. Even if they’re handwritten, they’re word for word the same.””

When we post the list of Conferees, please send letters asking them to support homebrewing and retain the language in the Senate omnibus bill SF 2346.

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