New Homebrew Legislation

Working with the Boreal Brewers, Representative Tom Anzelc (05B, Bovey, DFL) and Senator Tom Saxhaug (5B, Grand Rapids, DFL) have introduced legislation to revise Minnesota Statutes to allow homemade beer and wine to be removed from the premises where made, for the use in organized affairs, exhibitions, tastings and competitions. This is an important issue for us as we have repeatedly tried to find ways to host public tastings and be allowed to share samples of our fermenting craft at organized public events.

Representative Anzelc introduced HF2999 and Senator Saxhaug introduced SF2604.  They should be commended for their efforts to support community events that involve sharing or sampling of homebrew.  If you live in an area where you have different legislators representing you, you should contact them and ask them to support or even co-author these bills.   Senators    Representatives    Who Represents Me?

March 12: First reading in both Houses

March 19th:  SF2604 Was heard in the Senate Commerce Committee.  It was laid over for possible inclusion in the Omnibus Liquor Bill.  We provided testimony and answered questions.

March 19:  Representative Dan Schoen (DFL) District: 54A added as an author to HF2999

The Minnesota homebrew bill talking points are in this document: Homebrewed Beer Talking Points 3-21-2014

Another important source of information for contacting legislators can be found on the American Homebrewers Association web site AHA Talking Points.

2 thoughts on “New Homebrew Legislation

  1. Alex:

    Thanks for your post on the Boreal Brewers website. We appreciate your support of the legislation allowing homebrewers to share their craft.

    HOWEVER: your reference to “the ability to produce revenue for our non profit organization sharing samples of our craft” appears to conflict with the spirit and intent of our proposed legislation.

    As home brewers, we do not sell our beer. We freely share it with friends, neighbors, and the public at tasting events. While we often donate our beer to organizations that may include it in a raffle or charity auction, we receive no remuneration of any kind.

    We feel strongly that we separate any notion of revenue generation from the concept of sharing our craft. Both Federal and State law prohibits the sale of home brewed beer, and we are not seeking to change them in this regard.

    At tastings, the beer is free, and participants are not charged to partake. But they may make a freewill offering to cover expenses such as our cost for space, entertainment, supplies. In those cases, all proceeds go to pay those direct expenses. Neither home brewers nor the club’s coffers receive any of the proceeds.

    Again, we appreciate your support, but ask that you refrain from giving the impression that you “sell” beer to “raise funds” for your organization.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail.

    Chad Haatvedt, Director
    Boreal Brewers Home Brew Club

  2. Please support this legislation. I am a member of a home brew club with requests with educational presentations. Our academic society of home brewers would appreciate the ability to produce revenue for our non profit organization sharing samples of our craft .

    Thank You for your time,

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