2014 Advanced Homebrew Class Beginning

The Advanced Homebrewing class will begin Monday, March 3rd at Itasca Community College, Wilson Hall room 107.  The class is held Monday nights, 5:00 – 10:30 PM.  We meet 5 nights, with the last night being April 7 – we skip one week to give the beer another week to ferment.  We brew/bottle four batches of beer in class, and the students split up the 200 bottles on the last night.  How many classes have you taken where you get to take beer home?  And, except for the first night, the students decide what we’ll brew for the other batches of beer.  Since it’s usually maple sap season, we usually end up brewing a fifth batch of Maple/Wild Rice ale.

There are PowerPoint presentations each night, covering brewing, how to choose and brew different beer styles, ingredients, equipment, brewing techniques and bottling.  This is  more comprehensive than the intro class, as we work with all grain brewing.  We’ll cover details and techniques in recipe design, mashing grain, working with yeast to get the best potential, using both whole leaf and pellet hops, how to cultivate hops at home, use of brewing software and how to begin using kegging equipment for handling your beer without bottling.  Each night includes hands-on brewing, fermenting, bottling and sampling examples of many beer styles.  While it may help to know some of the brewing process, you do not need any experience to take this class, except the experience of having lived to be at least 21 years of age.

Call ICC at (218) 322-2410 to register.  The total cost of the five nights of class is $75.  Though walk-ins can be accommodated, preregistration allows for better class planning.  Brochure at www.getlearning.org  Online registration is at this link, scroll alphabetically to  “Advanced Homebrewing.”  However, a PHONE CALL IS BEST.  The online system only showed the class to be full earlier this year, so people didn’t register.

Since this class goes for a few hours, we bake beer bread in class each night, plus have soup, stew or other hearty food to keep going.  Potluck additions are welcome.


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