Beer Jello?

Yup, you can make jello out of beer. Really. No, seriously.

Our good friends at KAXE (91.7fm) recently announced a creative jello contest, and while there were some conflicting rules about what jello should or should not contain, there was no mention of beer. I thought, what the heck…

So, I grabbed a bottle of home brewed IPA, poured it into a KAXE pint glass, and stirred in some unflavored gelatin. It did not mix very well, but heating it up a bit in the microwave oven did the trick. When it chilled down, the beer firmed right up into a real, honest to goodness jello.

I call it ipajello. I have not tasted it yet. IBU ~ 60

Lest you think I am crazy, I have a photo of the lime jello that I made for my friend Dan who works at KAXE. He tried to force a contest rule banning any “floaties” in the jellos. I call this one “Grandma’s Revenge” in honor of my Scandinavian heritage.

2 thoughts on “Beer Jello?

  1. I tried a little of the ipajello this evening. The hops and flavor definitely came through, but the mouth feel was a little too heavy/thick. It might have even been enjoyable had there been a way to encapsulate a little fizz in the ipajello.

    I think it would be fun to experiment with an imperial stout in small tasting glasses. Hmmm…maybe the next party.

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