Advanced Brewing Classes Begin March 4th

The annual five-week advanced home brewing classes will begin on Monday, March 4th, at 5PM, and continue for five weeks (we extend over six weeks, but skip one Monday night to let the beer age a bit).

  • All grain brewing, recipe formulation, use of different equipment
  • Choosing the right malt, hops and yeast for creating the best beers
  • Exploring the effects of using 70+ malt varieties, many dozens of hops and many dozens of yeast varieties
  • Managing yeast cultures for truly healthy populations and proper ferments
  • Kegging homebrew; equipment required, its use, sanitizing, filling and pressure/carbonation management
  • Adding interesting ingredients to come up with fun and unique flavors and aromas
  • How to plant, cultivate, harvest, process, store and use your own hops
  • Good food and beer tasting each night
  • Brew 4-5 batches in class, and the class splits them up
  • Taught by Boreal Brew Club Members, with a combined 50 years of experience
  • One year free membership in the Boreal Brewers is included

This is a hands on class with some time watching PowerPoint slides.  Always popular, there are still some seats left for the 2013 class.

Call the college at 218 322 2410 to ask questions or register.

Grinding the grist

Controlling the mash temperature in the mash tun


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