Fall is Brewing Season

October is the perfect month for turning out a batch or two of your favorite beers.  The temps outside are just right for that long boil, and the basement is cooling down to the optimal temperature for fermentation.

I’ll be brewing a pale ale next weekend, and the following weekend a heavy imperial stout.  There won’t be much time for brewing in November, but December will give me time to catch up with getting some beer ready for a tasting in February.

So, what are you brewing this month?

2 thoughts on “Fall is Brewing Season

  1. We hope to do a tasting this year in either/both Bemidji and Grand Rapids. Maybe you could bring some of your Amber Ale to a tasting. Watch our calendar for updates.

    I’m glad to hear that our Bemidji friends were able to help you out.

    Savor the Flavor!

  2. It’s February and I have finished and begun enjoying an American Amber Ale. As I write, I am listening to an air lock bubbling on an Oatmeal Stout. I would like to thank the Bemidji group of the Boreal Brewers Club for sharing their expertise on home brewing. Here’s to hoping we will have a tasting again this year. I finally have a chance to share some ale with the other members and tasters.

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