Boreal Brewers Club Meeting

We’ll be meeting Monday June 11, 6 PM, at the KAXE Boardroom in Grand Rapids.  Those who got in on the bulk keg purchase can pick up their kegs.  Students who took the Advanced Homebrewing class at Itasca Community College can pick up their beer (if you haven’t already).  (We had three beers that took a number of weeks past the end of the class to complete fermentation, and had to bottle late; Caribou Slobber Brown Ale (you can guess the origin of this clone kit), Saison Du Mont and Bavarian Wheat).  Students can each pick up a 12 pack.

Discussion on the Deer River BBQ and Brewfest, plans and strategies.  Or was that strategery?  Discussion on two fundraisers that would like to have us share our beer.  And drinking beer and sharing snacks.

And, a brewer departing the midwest passed on about 16 cases of bottles. I’ll fill the back of my truck in case anyone wants them. Please, take some.



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