Bourbon Barrel Project Successful!

In late February, at a secret location deep in the North Woods, a number of our intrepid brewers made a major step in the Bourbon Barrel Project.  We assembled our accumulated Imperial Stouts, and transferred them all to a once-used (Imperial Stout) Jack Daniels barrel.

Ready to fill the barrel


Prior to the filling, we taste tested each for potentially disqualifying flaws.  All came through with flying colors.

Thiefing taste samples
Pre-fill tasting


The Fill took longer than we thought, as the barrel required 53 gallons.  More than ten times longer than transferring 5 gallons.  Luckily, as with most homebrew events, we had excellent food and beer.

The food table

We purged the barrel with carbon dioxide before filling to avoid any oxygen contact, then began racking.

Racking from a platform above the barrel


Getting as much as possible …

We observed carefully so as to not overfill the thing.

Watching the fill
The final brewmaster check

After a final sanitizing wipe down, we bunged the barrel.  Then we pulled the bung back out, as we realized we had forgotten to taste the final blend.  Absolutely excellent!

Final taste

Then we engaged in some barrel hugging photos, to celebrate all the work that went into this.

Barrel Hugging- the new sport

Finally, we labeled the barrel, and now plan to sit back for a year and wait before we open it.










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