Next Club Meeting!


  • 6 PM KAXE Boardroom, Tuesday February 7
  • Eating potluck and sharing beer
  • Organizing bulk purchasing to save money; this includes primarily 50 lb bags of grain, but also 5 gallon kegs by the pallet load, which dramatically cuts costs
  • Discounts available at Wine Creations in Grand Rapids, and Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies in the cities
  • Membership cards – remind me if you haven’t gotten yours BEFORE coming to the meeting
  • Update on the Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout project
  • Planning for the May Big Brew; a very fun Club event
  • Need to elect a new Secretary; Matt departed for a brewing job
  • Other club business

You do not need to bring food or beer to attend; we’d rather see you there than have you stay home!  Come and find out what the club is like!  Come if you are a starting level beginner, because this is where you’ll learn and find friend to help you learn.

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