Next Club Tasting, Bemidji

Saturday March 3rd, from 3:00 – 6:00 PM.  Brewers who wish to share their beer should bring somewhere between 8 – 12 bottles, and should arrive by 2:30 so your beer can be worked into the “order of serving” in a panic free environment.

As usual, the tasting will be held in the basement bar at the Keg ‘n Cork in downtown Bemidji.  Admission $5.00, you must be 21 to enter.  Live music, bread for cleansing your palate between tastes, popcorn, 20 or more ales and lagers!  It’s a pretty darned good time; try a bunch of new beers in a relaxed atmosphere, and try to learn to sing the “Barley Mow” at the close of the tasting.

Brewers who bring at least 8 bottles of homebrewed ale or lager get in free!  Come down to the basement bar at the Keg & Cork, 301 Beltrami Ave, in Bemidji.

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