Meeting Time Changed

Our meeting at Klockow Brewing is going to get entangled with their plant exchange event.  Let’s move the Boreal Brewers meeting to an earlier point and meet at noon on Sunday the 18th. We should easily be done before the exchange begins.

Meeting of the Boreal Brewers

Klocktoberfest is coming up Saturday Sept 24th.  Let’s get together at Klockow Brewing at 6 PM Sunday Sept 18th to discuss attendance and beer serving.  (The Vikings play Monday night, so there’s no interference).  We’ll also discuss membership, collect dues and review what our liability insurance policy does for us.  The taproom is open, so don’t bring any beer, but snacks are welcome.

ALERT! Time Sensitive Post for Boreal Brewers

In normal times we have carried liquor liability insurance through the American Homebrewers Association. This covers us serving beer at tasting events, our meetings and any other club functions. During Covid, we let that insurance lapse. We also let membership dues lapse.

We can resume our insurance Thursday Sept 1. To resume, we need the names of those who wish to be covered.  The insurance fee is part of our annual dues, a whopping $15 per year to be a club member. The insurance portion of that is < $5.

If you intend to re-up as a member and be covered by insurance, you need to contact Steve at by 7PM THURSDAY SEPT 1.

Apologies for the short time frame, but I just got the email today.

Deer River BBQ and Brewfest

Homebrewers – if you’re planning on competing at the Deer River BBQ and Brewfest, you need to take your beers and registration paperwork to the festival site and check them in with the judging/stewards team by Friday evening on July 15th.  Here’s the link to the Homebrew Competition.  The Boreal Brewers will have a table(s) available to use.

More judges are needed!  Judging will happen late Saturday morning on the 16th, and a few more judges would help.  Somebody’s got to try all that beer!  Judging is done using written standards.  If you have never judged, you’ll be working with others who have, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.  Contact to get connected.