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Brew Club Meeting

The Boreal Brewers will meet Monday, December 8th at 6:30 PM, in the KAXE Board Room.  This is our Christmas meeting.  All members and anyone considering joining are welcome.  Bringing beer or food is not a requirement, just a nicety.  You are welcome if you just show up.

  1. We’re meeting a little later to make it easier to get potluck food together on a weeknight
  2. We’ll conduct a little club business, including membership dues coming up in January
  3. Email me no later than the 7th if you need a membership card
  4. We’ll discuss the possibility of an upcoming club brew at Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis
  5. Steve will bring his new beer filtering system and describe the pitfalls and opportunities.  And share some filtered beer.  The thing will also double as a ‘Randalizer,” which we’ll try out at the next meeting.
  6. And, we’ll eat, sip and discuss beer, brewing and what the club will get involved with next

Hope to see you there!

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Brewers’ Yule Log

Watch and enjoy.  But do it quickly, because it is short.

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When an Irish Bar is Not an Irish Pub

Jack and I (spouses too) recently spent an evening on the RiverWalk in San Antonio, and we were surprise at the dearth of craft offerings in this so called special hub of nightlife.

We finally found a place, The Esquire Tavern with some good tap offerings and spent a while there enjoying conversation.  Wanting to “spread the weath around a little”,  I suggested heading over to Waxy O’Conners Irish Pub,to try some good Irish beer.  But, the evening was waning, and I was persuaded to try Pat O’Briens Bar and Restaurant instead.  Sounds like an Irish pub, and besides, it was on the way back to our hotel.  Should be a great place to finish off the night.  They had some live music, and a small cover charge, so before ponying up, I asked the bouncer if they had good beer inside.

He asked what I meant by good beer. I inquired if they had some Texas craft beers on tap.  He said they had NO beer on tap.  WHAT! AN IRISH bar that doesn’t even have Guinness on tap?

So I asked the guy if he could recommend a bar within walking distance (bear in mind, we are no wimps when it comes to walking) and he professed to know nothing about craft beer. Hell, I don’t think he even knew what I meant.

Should have hiked back to Waxy’s.  The luck of the Irish was not with me.

Thank goodness they know beer in Austin!

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