Brewing Equipment

COVID-19 has really shut down opportunities to get together for club events.  All the regular summer tastings and competitions in the Northland were cancelled, and we have not had a Boreal Brewers meeting since it all started.

There’s always a background level of interest in buying and selling used equipment, and giving away bottles and other material.  One long term brewer has decided to retire his brewing effort, and wishes to give away a fair amount of kegging equipment.  Most of us have stepped up a level in brewing and have certain equipment we’re no longer using.

We’ve been doing some mulling on setting up a an outdoor distanced event where we can do a swap / sales / giveaway exchange.  We’d be interested in ideas on how we might handle such an event, and also would like to know who has equipment / supplies they’d like to sell or give away.

Please respond to this post if you have ideas to share.  If you have a list of things you’d like to give away or sell, you can email that to  I’ll consolidate and present that in the next post on this topic.

Missing the fun.  Too many empty chairs out there, and too few truckloads of homebrew being driven to events.



International Big Brew Day

Hey, brewers! The first Saturday of May is Big Brew Day: May 2, 2020. The Boreal Brewers have traditionally come together in various locales in the Grand Rapids area to share the day with the public, showcase equipment and techniques, brew a bunch of beer and share beer and food.

Since we’re in a worldwide do-things-in-virtual-mode, the American Homebrewers Association has set up a virtual Big Brew Day. Go to this site, and share what you’re going to be brewing! You can use the suggested recipes or go free form. They’ll post your name, your brew and your planned gallons. Post your brew on the AHA web site, and post it here as well as a comment on the Boreal Brewers site.

Hopefully we’ll be together in 2021!  Here are some photos from previous years.


Brewing During Shutdown

We have two brewpubs to support in Grand Rapids, and we also have a brewing supply store to think about.  Wine Creations is open so you can pick up brewing and vintner supplies to keep you busy while you’re at home.

Wine Creations Grand Rapids is open for supplies pickup Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 to 5:00 PM, and Saturdays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  You can ask questions or call in an order for pickup 3 ways:

  • Call (218) 326-9490
  • Email
  • Facebook message

50 Lbs. sacks of grain have arrived!

Beer Solution for Shutdowns

Homebrewers and craft beer lovers! Don’t forget to support your local brewery during these trying times! In Grand Rapids, both Klockow Brewing and Rapids Brewing are able to sell take-out beer during the new Minnesota Stay at Home Executive Order that extends to May 1. Alcohol is under the Exec Order category of Necessary Supplies and Services. Is this a great state or what?


Klockow Brewing:

  • Growlers can be filled, and crowlers purchased from 3PM to 7PM Tuesdays – Saturdays.
  • Crowler prices are about $8-$9, ranging from $5 for sale beers up to $11 for the really heavy beers.
  • Buy 3 crowlers, get $5 off.
  • Call your order in to (218) 999-7229 or text to (218) 289-4687.
  • Take out service available: pick up inside or curbside delivery or,
  • Free delivery is available in Grand Rapids, La Prairie, Coleraine, Bovey and Cohasset.  This is on a trial basis, so please consider orders large enough to make delivery reasonable.
  • More information on their web site and Facebook page


Rapids Brewing:

  • Crowlers and growlers can be purchased daily from 3 AM – 6 PM
  • Food and beer must be pre-ordered within certain time windows.
  • 3 crowlers are $20, or $18 for members of the Boreal Brewers Brew Club
  • Take out service available: pick up inside or curbside delivery.
  • Call (218) 999-9712 to place your order, or (218) 390-8664 as an alternate number.
  • Or email
  • Rapids Brewing is also serving take-out food.  Check out the menu and hours of availability on their web site or Facebook page.


Not in Grand Rapids? There’s an interactive map available for Minnesota brewed take-out beer. Check out the Google Map based Craft-Beer-To-Go map posted on Facebook by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild.

Stay safe out there.  Here’s a craft beer in isolation status.  Take the hint!

A beer in isolation status. You stay isolated too!